Running Performance & Analysis

What is a Running Performance Analysis? 

Have you ever wondered what your form looks like while you are running? Do you have nagging injuries that jump from spot to spot? Are you having trouble improving your times despite training harder? Sounds like you will benefit from a running analysis.


During a running analysis I look at biomechanical anomalies in your running form that are the likely cause of your performance plateau and/or your nagging injuries. A running performance analysis is a great tool to help screen and assess for injuries. Joint angles that are different from normal signifies weakness of certain muscles and/or tightness of joints. The weakness and tightness alters your running stride, inevitably leading to injury. Stretches, exercises and running techniques are prescribed to correct those deviations from the information gathered. By bringing you closer to optimal running form, it will decrease injury and improve performance.

People Who Will Benefit From A Running Performance Analysis

From the elite athlete to the casual runner, everyone can benefit from a running analysis. A running analysis will help athletes:


  • Improve performance
  • Take their running to the next level
  • Who have a history of running injuries
  • Prevent future injuries

Types of Analyses

Treadmill RunningIN-PERSON RUNNING PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS (approximately 1 hr) This is a concise personalized running analysis will provide information needed to optimize form and reduce injury. During your appointment, you will receive real time analysis and feedback on how to make corrections to your form. After your appointment, you will receive a written analysis of the deviations in your running form. This includes a summary of your form and how it contributes to injury and/or the risk for future injury. Included is a comprehensive exercise program. This including strength, flexibility, balance and neuromuscular control.

REMOTE PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS Not local to the Bay Area? Not a problem! You can send me videos of your run via Dropbox. I will analyze your running form and provide you a written summary. Please contact me for more details.

REMOTE SINGLE VIEW RUNNING PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS This is a great tool for those who want to get a leg up in their injury prevention regimen or take their recovery routine to the next level. For this option you will receive an analysis of ONE view of your running form. This analysis includes form cues and strength exercises as it pertains to that view, and will provide you the necessary tools to get started on improving your running performance.

Based on the option you choose you will receive

A detailed report that includes:

Your personalized running analysis

Identification of improper movement patterns 

Personalized recommendations on strategies to improve your running form and overall performance 

Individualized program to improve strength and correct movement patterns

Please contact Dr. Janet for more information on a personalized running performance analysis, or to take your first step towards running free from injury